Moscow night

Spent my final night in moscow with Eliana Sigel-Epstein the daughter of my college friend Howard.

We spent the evening wandering through moscow dining at a nice restaurant and strolling red square 1 final time.

Got a picture of Sass in front of Tass.

Now on the express train to the airport it’s a farewell to moscow farewell to russia who knows if I will ever return I leave with fond memories and much improved russian.

On the way home

It took me 6 hours but I finally got a ticket for the train from Sochi 2 Rostov.

Had some great help from some young students from Russia the train was an overnighter we had 4 people with 4 beds

I spent hours talking with the various Russian people I met all who were returning from the games they share their food and their lives with me I got off the train at 3 and was promptly approached by the police for my documents once they saw I was American they let me go I told them I was going to take a taxi from the train station to the airport as I was walking through the train station a man approached and asked if I needed a taxi the police have informed him it was all quite helpful now I am sitting at the Rostov airport I purchased an earlier flight to Moscow one more night in Moscow and dinner with Eliana Siegel-Epstein.Then I leave for home

The people I meet in rostov are all smiles as they ask me if I am coming from sochi.

I really love the russian people they are very friendly to me especially as they can understand me in russian

Dinner in moscow then I get to start the journey home I am so looking forward holding my girls again

Thank you

Thank you to everyone who helped make my Olympic dream come true

With hard work and great people behind you dreams can come true

Thank You Sasha for reviving the dream thank you Eliana and Rebecca for allowing me to go thank you to all the friends Jeanette pat mary paul elizheva bob steve stephanie rasha who watched the kids

And thank you John barry eva bob and rabbi for your support that made me decide to Go

I will be home wed

Closing ceremony

I spent one final day in the olympic park they changed the rules but I managed to get a ticket to get in. Now at the Marriott watching the ceremonies with some of the remaining volunteers

Journey home tomorrow I leave with fantastic memories of a great ski resort wonderful friendship and a fantastic time at the Olympics

Hey you get off my hill. My final day on the mountain we had a meeting where they gave out pins and and hats.

They set a 20 gate course for the volunteers to run wheut i went off and skied from the top of the mountain down enjoying those 20 minute runs for the last time at the Olympics in sochi

Finally made a biathlon event at the Laura complex it was a long journey taking a couplondola then a chair and finally a 20 minute walk we watched about 10 K of the 30 K race.

had to leave early to be at work

The biathalon complex is a.cross the valley from the downhill resort


Been following the Ukraine news via Google I have seen some pictures at the French house and on big screens with in Rosa Khutor heard that the women’s coach from the Ukrsine ski team made a cryiearful request that she had to withdraw the womens team the situation improved the next day so the men’s team could run the Ukraine slalom skier ran his race and Ukraine won a medal in another event